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Video: Heroes. Real People. Real Tips. Meet Brenda

Brenda shares with you why she decided to become an nutrition educator and share helpful, money saving tips to the community.

Tip #165

Try to keep your computer and TV time to less than 2 hours a day.

Tip #293

Eat a naturally sweet dessert—fruit!

Jeannie Kearby “Nutrition Education Led to Life Changes”

For Jeannie, the NEP programs brought her more than just amazing nutrition information & help stretching food dollars. The self-esteem she gained from taking control propelled her to even greater success—in working full-time, caring for her two children & attending college classes.
Tip #203

Keep the conversation going—turn off the television and keep it off.

Tip #133

Offer water or fat-free or low-fat milk as beverage choices instead of sugary drinks.

Brenda Medina “From Student to Teacher”

When Brenda came to Indiana, she didn’t speak English & thought she was healthy.  When she became pregnant, she found she was vitamin deficient.  Thanks to the NEP, she learned how to get the vitamins & nutrients she needed. She liked the lessons so much that she became a NEP Assistant!

Video: Grocery

Affordable healthy foods are within reach! Learn more about the area grocery stores are joining the effort to increase access to healthy foods and about what the Purdue Extension Nutrition Education Program is doing in your community!