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Video: NEP Lessons | Nutrition Education Program Director, Melissa Maulding

My family is on a budget –
how can you help us stay healthy?

Tip #293

Eat a naturally sweet dessert—fruit!

Tip #77

Eat meals with your children whenever possible–even let them help you make the meal.

Jessica Harkness “Eating Together & Healthy!”

Pizza & soda used to be a typical meal for Jessica & Mikel. After taking free NEP programs, dinner is baked chicken, rice, vegetables and water. “I’m doing a good job of being a mom,” said Jessica. “Saving money, stretching the budget & eating healthy meals together are proof of that!”
Tip #246

Try to eat whole grains. Look for the words “100% whole grain” or “100% whole wheat”.

Suzanna Johnson “Turning Goals into Reality”

Suzanna found free NEP programs after her daughter, Rebekah, participated in a school program & shared what she learned. Suzanna took lessons, learned about nutrition, food safety & physical activity. She credits the program with turning a healthy, happy life into reality.

Video: Meet Patty Sanders | Nutrition Education Program Assistant

Patty Sanders talks about why her lessons are so exciting.