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In this section, you’ll find tons of great tips, recipes and videos. Watch success stories. Learn how to eat smarter and move more. Snag a recipe for tonight—and much more. Enjoy!

Video: Helping All Kids Get Healthy

Being physically active for a lifetime starts at a young age. Hear more about the partnership between PNEP sponsored programs and local educators.

Tip #165

Try to keep your computer and TV time to less than 2 hours a day.

Tip #48

Make your kids laugh. Keep mealtime upbeat and stress free.

Jeannie Kearby “Nutrition Education Led to Life Changes”

For Jeannie, the NEP programs brought her more than just amazing nutrition information & help stretching food dollars. The self-esteem she gained from taking control propelled her to even greater success—in working full-time, caring for her two children & attending college classes.
Tip #55

Plan for all weather conditions—try mall walking, indoor swimming, or active video games.

Tip #203

Keep the conversation going—turn off the television and keep it off.

Suzanna Johnson “Turning Goals into Reality”

Suzanna found free NEP programs after her daughter, Rebekah, participated in a school program & shared what she learned. Suzanna took lessons, learned about nutrition, food safety & physical activity. She credits the program with turning a healthy, happy life into reality.

Video: CATCH – Marcia

Indiana’s school children love working with PNEP Nutrition Educators! They come right into the classroom with fun ways to learn about healthy eating and the importance of physical activity.